Rapid Tac Application Fluid


  • For fast, easy, quality installation of graphics with no bubbles.
  • Allows more control over applications.
  • Faster applications and less failures.
  • Potential for a large graphic to be installed with one person.
  • Cleans the substrate without leaving residues ensuring a contaminant free installation.
  • Helps to “float” the vinyl film until it is properly positioned.
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Rapid Tac Application Fluid makes large decal applications a breeze.  You no longer need 2 people.  You don’t need to worry about pulling a decal up to reposition it, which will potentially damage the decal if not done carefully.  Rocks, debris, and residues which cause a decal to fail prematurely are now a thing of the past.

You also don’t need to have multiple cleaners to get the job done right.  Rapid Tac application fluid can do it all.

  • Cleans for immediate decals application
  • Allows High Performance and standard vinyls to be carefully positioned and “float” into place
  • Dries quickly (not as quickly as Rapid Tac 2 designed for cold weather installations)
  • Non toxic and it smells good.

How do I install decals with Rapid Tac?

  1. Clean the surface well with Rapid Tac.  Other chemical cleaners can be used for stubborn contaminates.  If you use other cleaners, make sure you DO A FINAL CLEANING WITH RAPID TAC before proceeding with the install.
  2. Spray the surface very well with Rapid Tac.  Peel the backing for the decal and spray the adhesive side of the decal with Rapid Tac.
  3. Position the wet decal in place over the wet surface.  The wet surfaces will allow you to “slide” the decal into place.  Spray the face of the decal (unless masked with transfer tape), this will protect the graphics from scratches.  Use a squeegee (or credit card) to remove the application fluid from under the graphic.  Work from the center to the outside.
  4. Allow a minimum of 2-3 minutes to dry.  If your decal(s) have cover tape is used, remove it slowly and watch for any separation of the decal from the surface.  If necessary, apply additional application fluid and squeegee again.
  5. Wipe the surface with a soft paper towel or rag.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 9 in

Rapid Tac

Container Size

4 Oz Spray Bottle, 32 Oz Spray Bottle, 1 Gallon Bottle


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