Rapid Remover Adhesive Removal Fluid


  • Removes Vinyl Adhesive with Ease
  • Removes many Stains
  • Doesn’t damage paint surfaces
  • Non Toxic
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Rapid Remover Adhesive Removal Fluid makes decal removal a breeze.  You no longer need to worry about adhesive left when removing old decals.  The potential damage from scrapers is no longer the only way to get adhesive off quickly.

You also don’t need to have multiple cleaners to get the job done right.  Rapid Remover Decal Removal fluid can do it all.

  • Cleans for immediate decals application (Requires final cleaning with application fluid or alcohol)
  • Breaks down all types of Adhesives
  • Also cleans many stains
  • Non toxic.

How do I remove my decals?

  1. Either do the removal on a very hot day (90 degrees or higher) and/or use a hair dryer, torch, or heat gun for surface heating.
  2. Preheat the surface of the old decals until hot to the touch (but not burning temperature (generally between 120-160 degrees)
  3. Carefully pick a corner or edge of the preheated vinyl and SLOWLY pull the vinyl from the vehicle.  NOTE: Adhesive is likely to separate from the vinyl  in this step and remain on the surface.  This is OK.  If you jerk or pull to quickly, you are likely to get paint pulling up with the decals.
  4. Reheat, and repeat peeling decals until job is completely removed.  (Be patient and no surface damage is likely to occur).
  5. Spray all stains/remaining adhesive on the surface with Rapid Remover Adhesive Removal Fluid.  Allow 30-90 seconds for fluid to penetrate and soften the stains/adhesive.
  6. Use a rag to clean the adhesive from the surface.  If a great amount of adhesive is left on the vehicle before wiping, carefully use a plastic squeegee or adhesive removal tool to “scrape” off the adhesive from the surface.
  7. Finish the cleaning with additional removal fluid and a rag.  If decals are being applied again, use an application fluid to do the final surface cleaning.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 9 in

Rapid Tac

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4 Oz Spray Bottle, 32 Oz Spray Bottle, 1 Gallon Bottle


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